• Keyboard usually comes with 61 non-weighted keys similar to an organ/electone.
  • Keyboard is usually lighte & portable.
  • Keyboard is more of a one-man band, with a huge variety of built-in rhythms.
  • Most keyboards can be battery operated.

Digital Piano

  • Digital Piano on the other hand has weighted and scaled-hammer action keys, thus achieving a similar feel as playing on acoustic piano.
  • In most cases, digital piano comes with more variety of piano tones and of superior quality. 

Benefits of Digital Piano Vs Traditional Acoustic/upright piano?

  1. Digital Piano offers you a wide variety of built-in Tones and Rhythms, thus making music more fun and exciting
  2. Digital Piano or Keyboard comes with many functions and features such as recording function and connectivity to Apps or computer software
  3.  Digital Piano allows the use of headphones, hence practicing can be done anytime of the day without disturbing the neighbours. 
  4. No maintenance required
  5. No tuning required
  6. Affordable = low commitment cost to learning piano