AR (augmented reality) is a technology that displays digital information created through computer graphics and other techniques on top of the real world. By using electronic musical instrument AR, you can use a smartphone or tablet to check whether the size and color of an instrument match the location where you want to put it. Give AR a try!

Operating environment

iOS: 12.1 or later
Browser: Safari、Chrome

  • Electronic musical instrument AR cannot be used from a PC. Please view the effect on a smartphone (iPhone 6s or later) or tablet (iPad 5th generation or later).
  • AR effects might not be displayed on some devices or in some OS environments.
  • Certain products might differ from their actual appearance in some cases.
  • Colors might not be accurately displayed depending on the environment. Use the electronic musical instrument AR in a well-lit area.
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Access from a smartphone or tablet

Products supporting AR

Launch AR by tapping one of the following products from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Privia PX-S1000

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-510BP

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-310

Privia PX-770


Operating instructions

Operating instructions
Operating instructions
Operating instructions

All images shown here are simulations for explanatory purposes only.
Actual images may appear different from those shown here. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.