Casiotone CT-S500 Keyboard


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With musicians performing in an ever-widening array of settings, the fact that you can't always choose where you’re going to play makes the instrument you use all the more important. Maybe you'll want something with a built-in speaker so you can practice at home or compose. For rehearsals and gigs, the keyboard has standard line out jacks for easy connection to a PA or other external equipment. What’s more, the compact size of the CT-S500 makes it super portable. With all your bases covered, you've got a musical partner with endless possibilities.

The CT-S500 is powered by Casio’s advanced AiX Sound Source. Developed specifically for instruments focused on sound, it is capable of generating a wide range of high-quality and highly expressive tones. The CT-S500 additionally offers a set of ADVANCED TONES, designed for maximum expressive creativity and showcasing the power of the AiX Sound Source. Also built-in is a collection of CASIO CLASSIC TONES, hand-picked from our long line of classic Casio keyboards. All in all, the CT-S500 contains 800 tones for you to explore and enjoy.


Number of Keys 61
Touch sensitivity 3 sensitivity levels, off
Sound Source AiX
Polyphony (maximum) 64
Tones 800
Advanced Tones 15
Classic Tones 12
Layer 3 (Upper1/2, Lower1)
Split Yes
Sustain Yes
Portament Yes
Reverb 24
Chorus 12 (+ Preset for some tones)
Delay 15 (+ Preset for some tones)
DSP 100
Master EQ 10
Volume sync EQ Yes
Surround Yes
Active DSP Yes
Demo Songs 2
Number of Rhythms 243
One Touch Preset 243
Auto Harmonize 12
User Rhythms 50
Chord Mode CASIO Chord, Fingered 1, Fingered 2, Fingered On Bass, Fingered Assist, Full Range Chord
Rhythm Elements Intro, Normal, Normal-Fill, Variation, Variation-Fill, Ending, Synchro Start, Synchro Stop
Sampling Function Yes
Sampling Sound Input Audio In (wav)
Sampling Time 10 sec (Melody) / 3 sec (Drum set)
Format 44 kHz, 16 bit, Stereo
Metronome Yes
Tap Tempo Yes
Arpeggiator 150
User Songs 10
Demo Song 1
Registration 4 set x 16 bank
Freeze Function Yes
My Set Up Function Yes
Transpose Yes
Tuning Yes
Octave Shift Yes
Scale Setting Equal temperament + 16 variations
MIDI Recorder Yes
Songs 5
Tracks 6
Memory Capacity 40,000 notes (for each song)
Type Full-dot
Back Light Yes (white)
Available APP Casio Music Space
Bluetooth MIDI & Audio Adaptor Yes (Bundled item)
Pitch Bend Wheel Yes
General MIDI 3
Knob Yes
PHONES / OUTPUT Stereo mini
LINE OUT Standard x 2
PEDAL 1x Standard, 1x Multi-purpose (Standard/Expression)
AUDIO IN Stereo mini
Strap Pin Yes
Speakers (13cm x 6cm) x 2
Horizontal Bass Reflex Yes
Amplifiers 2.5W + 2.5W
Power Supply DC 12V (RF change)
AC Adaptor AD-A12150P
Battery (Alkaline) AA type x 6
Dimensions (mm) 930x258x91
Weight 4.7㎏

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